Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Music Analysis

The piece of music above is our final decision after numerous inspirations and plans to produce a distinct, unique feel which is contemporary to the film itself, matching for effect and to emphasise the eeriness/severity of it. Thanks to Phil (with his amazing guitar skills!) the recording of our music is  similar to that of The Last of Us, with a slight twist. Mainly due to luck, we managed to find a way to play it backwards and in our final cut, sounds very creepy and atmospheric; another detail which helps add to the overall effect. With our aim to create a film based within the Thriller genre, I feel music is a big part of the production and with the way editing is going, it seems hopeful that our work is going to be a success. This music is only a snippet from the whole project, acting as a taster to see what it sounds like without visuals, and what effect it has on the audience.

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