Monday, 10 March 2014

Film Poster - 1st Draft

Below is an image of our 1st drafted poster, which is used to advertise the 2 minute intro. We played around with the concepts of horror, using mainly bold black and white text to stand out against a blood red background. The silhouette adds a sense of mystery, whilst creating a sinister look via iconic horror weapons including the gun and hacksaw. Whilst we felt using these was a good idea to portray evil, the weapons themselves don't fit the film and its concept we tried to get across. Therefore, another attempt at a poster will be included to create the feeling and atmosphere we first wanted to emphasise. Similarly, using a slogan both filled up the space so it wasn't too bland and reinforced the creepiness, almost to illustrate what the film is based around. To fit the genre of the poster, dates, names and headings were also used to inform the audience. The last component we altered which felt necessary, was isolating the word "Art" itself to again hint and highlight the film's awareness of the topic.

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