Friday, 21 March 2014

Behind the Scenes

The videos below show a short clip of us behind the scenes, talking about how we feel filming went...

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Film Poster - 2nd Attempt

The poster below is our final attempt and redraft of our poster, which uses a more general theme across illustrating what our film is about. As the base has been kept the same, with similar colours and a silhouette to portray mystery, we have altered the look of the character and fonts to help fit our preferred genre. Whilst the title has been made bolder and some text is larger, the main change is centered around our image of the anonymous figure. Scratch marks have been added as a form of alternative to the weapon, which we felt was unnecessary. Although a prop on set was of a similar nature, we didn't include a gun in our actual film, therefore felt no need to use it in our poster. Overall, we felt it was a reasonable effort at creating a poster, which was inspired by the likes of Dead Man's Shoes.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Film Poster - 1st Draft

Below is an image of our 1st drafted poster, which is used to advertise the 2 minute intro. We played around with the concepts of horror, using mainly bold black and white text to stand out against a blood red background. The silhouette adds a sense of mystery, whilst creating a sinister look via iconic horror weapons including the gun and hacksaw. Whilst we felt using these was a good idea to portray evil, the weapons themselves don't fit the film and its concept we tried to get across. Therefore, another attempt at a poster will be included to create the feeling and atmosphere we first wanted to emphasise. Similarly, using a slogan both filled up the space so it wasn't too bland and reinforced the creepiness, almost to illustrate what the film is based around. To fit the genre of the poster, dates, names and headings were also used to inform the audience. The last component we altered which felt necessary, was isolating the word "Art" itself to again hint and highlight the film's awareness of the topic.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Final Cut - Our Opinion

Overall, we felt that after filming, editing and watching it though as a finished product, we were happy with the results. We managed to use a variety of shots and quick paced cuts between each shot for effect and the last 2 scenes formed as a match on action. Generally, we were actually surprised at how well some parts had come out, especially regarding the effect of the blood and sound transition, gradually building up and raising the tension. I feel our intention, aiming to scare the audience through atmosphere and realism, did slightly work, with the addition of eerie music and beneficial mise-en-scene. By including titles and an opening logo, our intro looks genuine, but also quite like a real film, which is probably the main reason for it looking good.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Prop Setup - Creating the Blood

During the process of making the blood for our film, we used simple ingredients to help thicken and create a realistic texture. The list below shows what we used for our prop/mise-en-scene setup to be successful:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Red, Blue and Yellow food colouring
  • Corn Flour
  • Hot Water
Experimenting with the colouring enabled us to alternate what we wanted it to look like through a variety of dyes, which was the main reason for attempting different mixtures to find a more realistic look. To ensure it was thick enough to stay on the wall and was able to run smoothly, we used a combination of corn flour and hot water to allow the blood to both look good and slide off of the bricks successfully. In one scene, we had a smear of blood after wiping it from my hand onto the wall, which worked well because it was sticky due to the syrup, again effecting the durability and reliability. The only problem concerning this was keeping the consistency of it, with the same look after making it a second/third time. We felt it worked well, both from the killer's perspective and on the dead body, as part of our mise en scene. The video below shows a similar process we went through to create it.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Music Analysis

The piece of music above is our final decision after numerous inspirations and plans to produce a distinct, unique feel which is contemporary to the film itself, matching for effect and to emphasise the eeriness/severity of it. Thanks to Phil (with his amazing guitar skills!) the recording of our music is  similar to that of The Last of Us, with a slight twist. Mainly due to luck, we managed to find a way to play it backwards and in our final cut, sounds very creepy and atmospheric; another detail which helps add to the overall effect. With our aim to create a film based within the Thriller genre, I feel music is a big part of the production and with the way editing is going, it seems hopeful that our work is going to be a success. This music is only a snippet from the whole project, acting as a taster to see what it sounds like without visuals, and what effect it has on the audience.