Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Video-Game Title Inspiration

The video above shows how games generally have evolved into a much more diverse genre, becoming more like films. I feel that realism is a key aspect towards making a film, which is the main reason we have chosen a Thriller for our film introduction. Games like Tomb Raider, The Last of Us and Battlefield 4 all incorporate a similar realistic tone, which in turn make the player feel as if they were in the situation. These types of games link to the Thriller genre through this aspect alone, and therefore I feel needs a form of research so that our titles in the intro can be both effective but meaningful, creating the atmosphere of tension as the text is displayed and the film comes to an end; our planned intention is to create a climax. This video helps create the idea that the titles should link in with the film itself so that the audience don't get confused and mislead. Through rather bold, informative text, the titles establish a mood of the general film, which is why we need to use the correct style to link the juxtaposition of visuals and text, to fix our target audience. In my opinion, the game that fixes the most towards what we want to construct is Resident Evil's due to its bold, red letters and sinister look.

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