Monday, 10 February 2014

Shooting Schedule

  • We plan to base our shooting around the weekend of 15th/16th of February, in Joe's Garage, as we feel this location is both easy to access and creates the tension and atmosphere
  • The cast will consist of Joe, myself (Cam) and Phil (this will be discussed further in a later post) as we are all involved someway, whether it is being in the film itself, or shooting
  • Since the whole film will take place inside a garage, there is no worry of weather conditions, thus making it easier to plan a specific date
  • We also have made plans to paint Joe's garage, so that we can use the props/mise-en-scene more effectively; another convention to the genre's colour theme
  • The arranged times consist of shooting between late morning (11:00 am) to around 4 or 5 O'Clock in order for more takes and less issues relating editing at a later date

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