Friday, 14 February 2014

Music Choices

Our music for the Intro will be mainly diegetic (has an on screen source that the characters and audience can hear) to emphasise the situation and effect on the people watching. Since our preferred genre is a Thriller, tension could be built with climactic music. Our main ideas were centred around a piece similar to The Last of Us; simple through the use of an acoustic guitar, but effective. This gives the film a slight creepy edge, which will probably be used either at the start or whilst the titles are appearing; we haven't quite decided what is the best option, so we will discuss it on the day of shooting. However, the majority will base itself around footsteps, breathing, and natural sounds, which are key in creating suspense, and since it is only the first 2 minutes, it implies the film itself is of a similar nature, therefore hopefully maintaining to capture our target audience (18 and over/Adult)

The composition process regarding the creation of music mainly follows these steps:
  • Any form of inspiration
  • Recording
  • Uploading and Analysing
  • Laying sown the soundtrack
  • Editing through programme
Much of the process uses complex programming and units that we would not be able to use, therefore our form of music is planned to be much easier and accessible; quicker and with less time spent to create a piece, which could be used to edit the film instead.

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