Thursday, 20 February 2014

First Cut of Sequence

                               The first rough cut of our sequence is displayed above, which actually contains the majority of what we are going to use in the final piece. It went surprisingly well after putting the clips into final cut, because we wasn't expecting to have so much footage, which can be easily cut down and altered. Most of the shots were planned and looked how we wanted them to, after also adding in some we thought of at the time of shooting. The only aspect we need to change, is probably going to be where each piece of film is placed and how it can match the killer's movement, but apart from that, we are pleased with the progress. This is only the first cut of our film, so it doesn't look too effective, but we hope to change that by the end, as the clips aren't in order yet. This first piece has helped us see what a version of our production looks like and how we can change it to our preferd style. The sound in our rough cut isn't going to be the final product either (especially at the beginning with the high pitched voice) so ignoring that factor, the rest will probably be used.

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