Monday, 3 February 2014

Film Introduction Part 3: The Others

I feel that the introduction to this film, is similar to that of Drag Me to Hell due to the story like narration, which for me, immediately creates that eerie almost unsettling atmosphere, foreshadowing that the film itself maybe creepy and disorientated. Here the use of white bold text upon a moving background can help both give audience the significance of the names, but also the backstory of the film. This is mostly common in the Horror/Thriller genre and therefore is something to be considered towards the making of my 2 minute sequence. The use of a non-diegetic voiceover in the background is also effective in portraying the narrative like scenario; both un-nerving and of mystery. The title itself suggest that the "Other" are not of social norm and could be expected/illustrated as unsettling and scary or weird; implying a sense of danger. It also feels like a child's story, with strings and flute related music and an increasing tempo which is almost suspicious as it progresses. There is also clever editing after the drawing of the picture turns into real life; an added component used to engage the audience further to make it seem the story is indeed not a fairy-tale, but real life, emphasizing the Thriller aspect. The Mise-en-Scene focused around the story in the background also reinforces the narrative structure and influences the audience's outlook on the film's topic. All of the micro aspects within this 2 minute intro are relative towards creating effect and first impressions on a viewer, therefore I feel are considered the most important when creating meaning. I would like to recreate something of  a similar nature regarding key components which both create meaning and are effective concerning the story-side of the film.

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