Monday, 17 February 2014

Design Company Research

The work of design companies includes everything from minor details such as production of the film, up to its title and viewing to the audience. The 3 main factors concern Production, Distribution and Exhibition, which in turn determines the success/failure of the film, and without a design company, much of this would not be possible. The company I found the most intriguing was White Rabbit Design Company, who also focus on TV and advertising. Their founder (Steve Hardie) has been involved with Star Wars VI, as a production assistant and part of the art unit in some Hammer Horror films. His vast experience in film/TV has enabled the growth of the company to become well known and therefore more popular when collaborating with other companies/productions. The companies' work has also covered genres in photography, architecture and graphics which makes up the general base of a design company and its subdivisions included within it. All of these factors are what are included within a design company, which contributes towards different parts of the work they do.

Along with analysis of White Rabbit, below are some of a large amount of titles, from which I find interesting and create a certain feeling/emotion towards them, similar to something a company would include in their production:

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