Wednesday, 26 February 2014


During the making of our film we required a few props to set the atmosphere and also make it fit the Thriller genre. The list below shows the types of objects we bought, which were both easy to aquire and not too expensive:

Masks (5): £10
Syrup/Dye: £7-£10

The majority of the equipment we were planning to use, we already had, such as the weapons,clothing and location itself (mainly thanks to Joe) therfore not creating a dilmea in monetary problems. The fact that this was not an issue enabled us to start shooting when we wanted and made it much less stressful.

If this was to be a Hollywood production, the budget would probably be centred around a sum of £10-£20 million, excluding any special effects and cameras involved, showing how simple it can be to create a small independent, without spending too much money compared to what a big American studio would use.

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