Friday, 7 February 2014

Alternative Genre - Focus on Thriller

As mentioned in the majority of the blog, my aimed genre was ranged from being either a Horror film, which used a variety of conventions from gore, to isolation and sharp weapons or a Thriller, which concentrated more on the realism and focus of sustaining tension and an atmosphere. We have since decided that the Thriller genre is best suited to what we want to concentrate on doing, as it will hopefully/is planned to use props and items, as well as various camera angles/shots to emphasize the dramatic scene, bit also add a feel of anxiety as each shot is shown. By referring to the storyboard, the use of a tilt, gradually up the body, whilst cuts are used between the victim and killer, almost show the e progression of the film, as if it were to reach a pinnacle or key point which develops meaning. However, we are still focusing slightly on the Horror side, because blood effects and weapons will be used, just not as much as planned beforehand. We feel this will benefit us more because there is a much easier process of  creating a Thriller film, through both location and narrative, rather than focusing more on the supernatural side which is Horror. Because it is only the beginning (2 minutes) we want to convey the message relatively quick so the audience can establish immediately what the film is about. We aim to achieve this via setting and therefore have a planned location which is both rather unsettling, but also easy to access. Timing and environment, I feel are key aspects when making a film, especially when it is only 2 minutes long, so we didn't want to spend too long on these components. There is also the editing side, which is probably going to take a while to make it look effective, thus the reason for keeping to a planned schedule and managing to keep with what we planned to complete within the given timings. These components will be featured in a later post, regarding the shooting script. Out idea for the film is called: The Art of Evil and is mostly based around the concept of the title itself, which is planned to be revealed during the opening.

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