Thursday, 23 January 2014

Theorists - Vladmir Propp

7 Spheres of Action:

  • Prop's study of Russian Folk tales has been applied to film in order to suggest that while narratives may appear very different, there is a shared character structural feature
  • The examples below include the 7 alternate modes of character within film:
Hero: Individual(s) who's quest is to restore the equilibrium
Villain: Individual(s) who's task is to disrupt equilibrium
Donor: Individual(s) who gives the hero(s) something, usually being advice, information or an object
Helper: Individual(s) who aids the hero(s) with their set task
Princess/Prince: Individual(s) which need help, protecting and saving
Dispatcher: Individual(s) who send the hero(s) on their quest
False Hero: Individual(s) who set out to undermine the hero's quest by pretending to aid them. Often un-masked at the end of the film

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