Sunday, 26 January 2014

Theorists - Tvetan Todorov

States/Changes of Equilibrium:

  • As a rule, conventional narrative has 5 stages, though this can be rudimentary broken down into 3 stages
  • The text below displays the 5 key features of a film's storyline:
The Beginning - Where the story starts out as the audience can gradually establish where the film is set and its characters involved (state of equilibrium)

Disruption - Where the Villain creates a dilemma and enables the hero/s of the story to act upon it (usually harming innocent people and therefore grabbing the attention of specific people, for a particular purpose)

Middle - Where the story is unbalanced and the hero is fighting off enemies as he/she tries to find out a solution to the problem at hand (state of disequilibrium)

Resolution - The part of the story which finds the hero/s revealing a way/s in which the villain can be destroyed

End - Everything is back to normal and they can go back to their everyday lives (mostly ending with a unexpected cliff-hanger: State of new equilibrium )

Equilibrium: A state of balance, normality in which the characters find themselves at the beginning


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