Friday, 31 January 2014

Film Introduction Part 2: The Silence of the Lambs

The introduction to this film is again similar in portraying key conventions which can help to establish the atmosphere of the it immediately and get a feel for what movie may be based around. Isolated settings are generally key in creating suspence and gradually building up the tension; forests in the horror genre are common, as are elements such as eerie music. This aspect has additionally been used to emphasize the potential danger the woman may be in and nicely links in with the titles. The text displayed over the background image give the audience clear and easy description of the cast/producer etc., which the colour connotes a sense of awareness and importance, but also feels sinister and foreboding. These components almost create the base of the film and can be used to develop the meaning and tone/mood of the movie itself by gradually revealing parts of the story. The Silence of the Lambs introduction seems more subtle as if the story builds up to something big later on. This has inspired me towards the intro to my film to focus more on the increase of unease and instead concentrate on the more thriller aspects of mystery.

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