Thursday, 30 January 2014

Film Introduction: Memento

The introduction to the film Memento uses a variety of conventional sounds and use of mise en scene to give significance to the genre. A focus around guns and drugs is bold in the opening, bringing it into the Crime/Thriller category. Here the opening credits use distorted sounds and eerie music to build up the tension. The faded black text upon a white background helps the viewer to easily read the titles, but also establish a sense that the film is going to inevitably be quite dark and atmospheric; the material (ash-like) of the text is effective in creating a dark and sinister look. There is also clever cuts between the titles themselves and a related story in the background which later reveals itself to be significant towards the events happening. During the opening titles of the film, there are various key components which I find could be used effectively for the 2 minute introduction of my film, thus the reason for me analysing it and finding parts which may inspire me or help create any ideas. With the mirror like effect and strange music, Memento immediately feels rather creepy and un-nerving, whilst later on during the intro. the editing is used to create a backward motion event whereby a murder is displayed in reverse. This could similarly indicate a relation to the film's narrative and again helps to give meaning for the audience. Most parts have fast forward elements; a feel of time in this film seems important.

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