Thursday, 16 January 2014

Exam Revision - TV Drama

                   C - Class: Clothing, Cars, Jewellery, Brands
                   A - Age: Old and Weak/ Young and Strong
                   G - Gender: Beauty and Relationships (female) or Physique and Power (Male)
                   E - Ethnicity: Representation of darker skinned men/women or Asian
                   D - Disability: How they are represented (their abilities)             
                   S - Sexuality: How it is constructed (Reference to Gender)
4 Minute Extract: Technical Aspects and Representation
1. Discuss: Analyse and articulate why
2. Construct: Technical Codes                    Representation + Reaction = Full Understanding
3. Representations: Class, Age Gender etc.
P - Point                                                                                                Camera Shots
E - Evidence                                      3 - 4 varied points                     Editing
E - Explanation                                                                                     Sound
                                                                                                              Mise - en - Scene

Denotation: The common sense/obvious meaning                         
Connotation: The associated meaning that link/relate to signs        
Semiotics: Signs (deciphers what is being represented)

  • To look like or resemble
  • To stand in for something

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