Friday, 20 December 2013

The Conjuring - Inspiration

This is another inspiration which has made me think about common conventions that can be used in the introduction to my film. Because this film is supposedly based on a true story, it makes the audience rather anxious towards its realism, thus adding extra tension; expectations of the movie will therefore be made to convince the viewer it is going to be scary. Again with other films within the genre, there is a range of shot types that create an unsettling atmosphere, such as the scene with the hung woman on the tree; here the shot reverse shot is used to create tension. There are also sometimes that make you jump whereby a ghost will jump out unexpectedly from nowhere, which is an aspect I think is great in developing the fear factor. This would likely to come under the supernatural side of the Thriller genre, and doesn't purposely fit the exact sub-section (we were thinking more along the lines of a crime or psychological Thriller,) however this does not mean elements from the film can't be used in mine. Overall, in my opinion, this is the scariest film out the previous 3 I have analysed because of the development of the storyline which leads up to a climatic and dramatic sequence of scenes, especially when darkness and shadows are the key concept of the film.

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