Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Target Audience

Within the 2 minute introduction of my film, I will try and aim for the Thriller genre, however during planning there needs to be a specific remit for the target audience. The intended type of viewer I will aim for is those who are older, preferably from the age of 16 and over due to the content and style of narration. Through the survey I have found out ideas as to the types of films people enjoy and watch the most. In my opinion, currently I think that the most popular genre of film, and that an audience would enjoy the most, is Horror, Thriller and Action, which is something I will also try and establish when creating my film. Some of the most popular films within this genre, from the past 10 years include titles such as I am Legend, Hannibal and The Blair Witch Project which all use similar conventions which both develop the storyline and create atmosphere. I intend also to incorporate the majority of these features in order to engage the audience and make it fit the proposed genre.

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