Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sub-Sections within the Thriller Genre

Due to the inspiration from multiple Thriller films, we have decided to recreate an intro within the same genre. However, in this moment of time, we are still deciding and planning how to successfully achieve an atmospheric film with tension, therefore analysing different subsections within it will help illustrate a wider idea and understanding of the specific one we want to do. Below Is a range of alternate types of Thriller films:

Psychological - Refers to the emotions and conflict amongst specific characters mentally, instead of physically. People within the film, tend to deal with the situation through mental strength, figuring out the issue without any physicality; In some cases a mystery is involved, which needs to be solved in order for the characters to restore equilibrium (Psycho)

Supernatural - Where the film is based around an unworldly element (usually being ghosts and spirits) and are associated with being evil, therefore the characters need to work together in order to remove its presence. In some cases, the protagonist has a second sight or "gift" which enables them to overcome the issue. (Paranormal Activity)

Techno - This is linked with the alternation of technology, where it is used under control of a villain in order to create un-equilibrium and force/takeover mankind, where the human race is replaced with robots and machinery. This is also heavily linked to Sci - Fi, where Aliens and other species are involved. (Terminator)

Crime - The interchange between Crime and the Thriller genre has enabled a more realistic aspect towards most films, therefore creating a bigger impact upon the audience. They tend to aim their attention towards the villain or criminal in order to get a point of view from their outlook and how they perceive certain aspects. Within this genre there is a focus around murders, robberies and general mayhem. (Se7en)

Conspiracy - The genre focuses on a hero who struggles in keeping alive against a group/gang of people, aiming to kill him/her for specified reasons.  They commonly find out more about the "organisation" later on during the film and become more adapted to overwhelming them; with attention to understanding out the reason for such events. (Bourne Series)

Disaster - Pays attention to a group of "survivors" who have managed to stay alive after a massive, global disaster and aim to survive during the majority of the film. Natural Disasters normally play a key role, which includes anything from Earthquakes to Floods. There is also sometimes mention of  Nuclear Fallouts or events that could possibly take place In the future. (2012)

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