Thursday, 19 December 2013

Silent Hill - Inspiration

This film also uses a variety of techniques similar to that of the others which creates an eerie atmosphere and a general creepy outlook. The monsters have added to the atmosphere and scariness of the film, however despite not having a plan to use these in my film, there is still the majority of conventions which can be used. Such examples include having angled and close up camera shots of the character in order to establish emotions the character is experiencing. With this film, there is also a focus on darkness and the fear of the unknown, which is used for effect whereby the creatures hide in the dark and only come out when the siren goes off, a trigger to allow the audience to know when something bad is going to happen. This is a big inspiration because of the game series which similarly has the same effect on the gamer; not knowing what is next and also because I feel the movies develop a good (although confusing at times) storyline, another aspect which needs to be considered in the process. Overall, I think that through music, imagery of the location and characters within the film, helps to develop the film's tension as it progresses, something I would like to include in my 2 minute introduction.

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