Friday, 13 December 2013

Resident Evil - Music Inspiration

The Resident Evil music is very inspirational towards the sound I want to try and recreate in our 2 minute intro. It contains a lot of key musical conventions, including violins and build ups in crescendo. The following, I think are some of the best pieces of music within the series, that create an atmosphere and seem quite eerie:


Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Retribution

All of these films contain a range of similarities in their music style, which is one of the reasons for it being an inspiration because it allows room for variety. The effect on the audience from un nerving screeches of violins and gradual build up Is much greater than that of something from a guitar, however there is still reason for the use of such instruments because they develop the sound, and seem to emphasize specific components e.g. it would commonly be used during an action shot. There is not much room for enabling the use of the majority of this type of music within a 2 minute introduction, but It helps to understand certain features which allow us to create that atmosphere in the Thriller genre. Although this film may be classed as a horror, it still incorporates the same features and thus very useful.

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