Monday, 23 December 2013

Reeker 2 - Inspiration

My final inspiration towards the 2 minute intro. is Reeker because it uses a variety of horror conventions to scare and un-nerve the audience. The most effective part of it, was the twist in storyline at the end (a continuation from the first theme, which expands the nature of the narrative.) There was also a fear factor created by the creepy and unsettling look of Reeker himself, seen to be more like a grim reaper collecting souls, again a common aspect of the Horror/Thriller genre. The components are similar to The Final Destination series of films, except use of an actual figure of death to illustrate a sense of inevitability and doom. However, with this film compared to the rest (excluding Evil Dead) gore seems to be the most emphasized attribute, which leads it more into the horror genre. Despite this, there are a range of ways I could recreate some of the scenes in my film.

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