Wednesday, 18 December 2013

REC - Inspiration

The above trailer is a summary of the first 2 films, which leads up to a climatic scene whereby the next movie will follow from. This is a big inspiration because it uses a variety of atmospheric, conventional scenes which incorporate fear and make the audience feel uncomfortable, similar to the effects created by other horror films. Again the genre isn't the same as what I want to base my film around, however because I am focusing on creating tension, it is not essential. The use of close, claustrophobic spaces is also a key concept in establishing a phobia. I also like the use of the cinematography, as it changes from close ups to first person shots which make you feel involved in the film, as if you were there, again emphasizing the importance of scaring the viewers. All the qualities which this film covers, will be considered and hopefully maintained in the introduction to my film. Due to the short time in which I have to introduce my film, I would like to contain more tension in order to foreshadow the general outlook of the film, so the audience can create a sense of what it is going to happen.

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