Monday, 30 December 2013

Mise-en-scene within the Horror/Thriller genre

The mise-en-scene within the Horror/Thriller contains anything from props to lighting and costumes. usually within the associated genre there is a focus on blunt/sharp weapons in which the villain commonly attacks the prey with. Films including A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger's blade gauntlets) and Texas Chainsaw are just some of the movies which contain violent weaponry and rather sadistic killings. Another feature is the lighting, which normally is low key in order to maintain the tension and scary atmosphere. Todays films, especially within the supernatural subgenre, is used a lot, with films like Paranormal Activity shot mainly I  the dark to surprise the audience when something eventually happens. Moreover, the use of eerie and dark clothing similarly creates a sense of inevitable death, especially when in some scenes one of the characters is being chased. Again this can help contribute to the general mood, as the movie progresses. The last component in my opinion is the most effective: the location. Without knowing an immediate setting, the audience do not get a general feel for the movie; establishing shots help convey where it is set and the character's position. iconic settings like castles, isolated houses and dark streets are some to mention. All of these factors seem to always need to be considered within the Horror/thriller genre because they are conventions which are established in the majority within this genre today thus enabling the viewer to have a small expectation to the aspects the movie will have. Therefore for a better mark and overall effective opening there needs to be some mention of these in order for it to be successful and intend to be set in the correct genre.


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