Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Inspirations for my Film Introduction: Part 3

The opening credits from Drag Me To Hell incorporate key horror conventions, which are similar to the 2 previously analysed films, create atmosphere and immediate tension; grabbing the audience straight away and enabling you to fully experience the fright, fear and scares of "horror." Although this is less of a thriller film, which is the genre I intend to aim for, it still uses a variety of climatic scenes and a sense of realism. However, despite this, it is a very atmospheric film, which aims to make you feel un nerved and uncomfortable. For me the best part of the movie is its twisted plot and general structure of how the main character's life seems to get worse and worse as the film progresses, which is why it has inspired me towards the creation of a 2 minute introduction. There are high pitched squeaks from violins and reference to the films narrative from the very beginning, which is something I will try and embody upon the establishment and planning of the intro. All of this helps to entice the viewer and make it more intriguing, but also watchable. Again the titles themselves are bold and easy to read, another component that should be considered when developing a horror/thriller film.

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