Friday, 27 December 2013

Inspiration - Analysis

Throughout the 6 films that have inspired me in a variety of ways, from conventions to narrative, they all use similar components to engage the audience and help transfer them into the Horror/Thriller genre. Through this I can use them as a baseplate for the 2 minute introduction of the film I will be making. There are some factors that cannot be recreated due to the technology and money/budget, however despite this, most of the shots can be alternated through the use of a cheap camera and steady hands (or a tri-pod) the final product could possibly be effective. The designated target audience is probably from the age of around 15 and over, due to content that may be involved, and going by most films, this is the expected rating of a movie within the similar genre. The only aspect that maybe effect us during film making is the weather and location, which may prove difficult depending on the time of year. Besides this, hopefully with a good enough storyline, effects and acting the film will go to plan and produce a decent piece of work.

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