Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ideas on how to make a good introduction to a film

There are a variety of ways in which introductions of films are effective and engage the audience, through storyline and special effects, these are not the only conventions established. Other ideas include:
  • A good script/storyboard (or as previously mentioned, narrative)
  • Decent/Satisfactory acting
  • Avoiding repetition of specific words or phrases
  • Concepts which make the film different and more unique to others e.g. aspects that aren't similar to current movies
  • The 3 key components: the 180 degree rule, rule of thirds and match on action shots
  • A range of different types of shots e.g. Close Ups, Long Shots, Establishing Shots etc.
For the 2 minute introduction of my film, I will be focusing on the Horror/Thriller genre therefore, I will need to use similar conventions, which are used in every day movies today such as: isolation, tension and red/white (scary) text. However, in doing this, there should be a precaution taken and care not to recreate or re-invent past films within the genre.


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