Monday, 16 December 2013

Iconic Horror/Thriller Scenes

For inspiration towards the opening of my 2 minute sequence I have picked 3 of the most iconic scenes from different horror films to see what they have incoprated into the film and the techniques which have been used, for effect on the audience.

The Shining

Here the effect of being stuck in a room and almost isolated suggests fear and gradual tension as Jack tears down the door with an axe. The conventions of a horror film are illustrated via sharp weapons (for the woman, as a form of defence) and a rather psychotic character who's aim is to kill, which generally in most horror films, is common. I don't intend to recreate this scene, but instead create the same atmosphere and fear that is forced upon the audience.


Nightmare On Elm Street

This scene is similar to The Shining's use of creating an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere. Due to the fact that Freddy Krueger can harm you whilst asleep is quite disturbing in some sense and is perfect when considering the concept of fear, especially in the Thriller genre. This helps create a sense of what is needed in order to scare the audience, however it isn't realistic enough to appeal to a target audience watching a Thriller film, but is still important in considering key aspects/conventions within the genre.



This is probably one of the most iconic scenes within the Horror/Thriller genre, in film. The use of high pitched "squeaks" from violins are used frequently throughout movies today and is one of the most important factors when considering setting a tone for the film. Again the concept of tension is emphasized through short cuts of the murderer and the woman showering, which helps establish an inevitable sense of death. As with most films today, out can usually guess who is going to be killed either through attitude or specific things they do which leads you to the conclusion of them dying, eventually. With this film it makes it more obvious, but in a good way to build up atmosphere and reach a climax. These are similar features I would like to use in the intro of my film in order to foreshadow the general tone of the film.

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