Monday, 9 December 2013

Game Soundtrack Inspirations

The following are a series of soundtracks from games that have inspired me into recreating a similar type of music in my 2 minute film introduction:

Far Cry 3 - Intro Song

The intro to this film is some what disorientated and creepy but at the same times seems rather sad. The mood that is created from this can help distribute to the audience and foreshadow what the film is generally about. However, similarly I can't help feel almost intrigued as if something was being discovered. The tempo seems to build up to a point where it gradually gets to an establishment through a crescendo, which is what I feel the storyline of the game is about whereby it leads to a climax and therefore is an inspiration towards the opening of my film.

The Last of Us - "Home" Song

I think this is similar to the Far Cry soundtrack whereby the crescendo builds up to a point, but makes me feel a lot sadder and like something of a massive disaster has just happened. This is perfect in recreating the mood I need to emphasize towards the audience that it is supposed to be scary and create tension but at the same time quite realistic in the same sense that what is going on in the film is aimed to be rational as the intended genre is a Thriller. There is still an atmosphere that is created which seems more unsettling and uncomfortable which I think is perfect for an opening hence it being an inspiration.

Borderlands 2 - "Short Change Hero"

This song compared to the previous 2, feels like its telling more of a story, rather than creating tension and a unnerving atmosphere. Despite this there is also a sense sadness and despair through similar events and like The Last of Us builds up, as by the end you feel a message is almost bought out. Again through the orchestral music it seems like a horror convention is put in place in order to discomfort the audience. I feel with this song, we are left up in the air by the end, on purpose which I feel is a great aspect when wanting to recreate a similar piece of music. Finally the sound of lightening at the beginning could foreshadow that of a key component later on, similarly used in contrast to Far Cry.

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