Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Evil Dead - Inspiration

I found this film an inspiration because it uses a variety of horror conventions such as isolation, blood and tension in order to engage the viewer. The music is also rather dramatic but quite creepy which sets the general atmosphere for the film. As mentioned before, my aim is to not focus on the horror genre, but instead use similar aspects in order to create an attractive yet enticing 2 minute introduction. Because it is a short amount of time, not all conventions can be crammed in, however, it is still possible to use some of them, in order for it to be effective. I think this film handles those components very well, especially when the trailer feels very foreboding thus establishing an idea for the kind of techniques that can be incorporated into my film. There a variety of shots which vary from Birds eye views, to establish the location, to close ups of the characters, specifically on Mia with her creepy make up and wide unsettling eyes. Due to the film being a remake, there are expected scares in it, which are similar to that of the original therefore the audience may know what will happen in some scenes, if they have seen the first film, which helps keep the tradition but also uses different ways to make the audience feel anxious. All of these parts from the film help contribute towards a plan and attitude on the way it will be created.

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