Sunday, 22 December 2013

Carrie - Inspiration

One of my last inspirations towards the intro. to my film is Carrie because it focuses on the life of a girl and how she gets revenge on the "bullies" and her mother. The main theme throughout the film is religion, which plays a big part in most horror films, due to it being a common convention. This could be used similarly to The Conjuring because of the supernatural aspects and therefore has the same effect on the audience. I find it is very helpful establishing a theme in the very beginning so the  viewer can dwell on the subject and expect certain things to happen. Very early on in this film, you get a sense that Carrie will eventually get vengeance as her anger gradually builds up; by the end you are almost pleased something has been done to stop the people from hurting her. In my opinion, the film uses a good narrative side to involve the audience and get them on her side because she is being tortured; again a key convention is revenge and those that harm another will eventually die. Some of the components that this movie has could be altered into a different way to fit the specific genre of film I want to focus on. I'd like to create a sense of victimisation so that people can respect the situation the character is in and maybe refer to scenarios in real life, emphasizing the Thriller aspect. The plan is to concentrate around this same genre, however, as yet not finalised, thus having reason for specific inspirations to veer me in the right direction.

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