Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Studio Canal (Optimum Releasing)

  • Studio Canal (previously known as Optimum Releasing/Home Entertainment) is a British film distributer known to have released a variety of genres ranging from Anime to Foreign Language Films
  • The company was originally founded in 1999, their name changing in 2011 to the now known Studio Canal UK
  • Formerly known as Optimum, the company aimed to produce modern independent films
  • They were named under four companies: Optimum Releasing, Optimum Home Entertainment, Optimum Classic and Optimum World
  • They have released over 200 films a year and are one of the most famous distributers in the UK independent market and co production companies
  • Their last films under the name Optimum was Kill List, The Guard and Whiskey Galore
  • At the moment they have released titles such as In Fear, Rush and The Broken Circle Breakdown; currently distributing in 2014 with films such as Robocop and Non-Stop
  • They own one of the most popular libraries in the world, and have a range of titles from over 5,000
  • Films under the new title include The Awakening, Don't be Afraid of the Dark and Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy
  • Some classic Optimum films like The Third Man, The Planist and The Lady Killers were made during the early industry

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