Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Production of a Film (Expanded)

Pre Production:
  • Pre production of a film focuses on the start of developing a film, step by step whereby a production office is established, the storyboard is created and a planned budget is drafted
  • Storyboards help to visualize the creative side of developing a film, through the use of programs such as photoshop
  • The producer will hire a crew, determined by the budget, which in turn will establish the size of the crew; most Hollywood films hire around 200-300 people, whereas a low budget, independent  will be made by less than 10 people
  • The Crew mainly consists of: The Director, Production Manager (manages the budget and schedule,) Assistant Director, Location Manager, Director of Photography, Sound Designer, Costume designer, Storyboard Artist and Choreographer (coordinates the movement of dance, mainly in musicals)
  • The first stage is video production, where crew will be put on stage such as the Script Supervisor and Assistant Director
  • The Actors will arrive on set through their specific "Call Time"and start to shoot; since the construction of the costumes, props and lighting can sometimes take hours, or even days to design, they are created in advance
  • Whilst everything is set up by the Crew, the actors are prepared whilst learning their script and enrolment within the scene; during filming there are as many takes as the Director thinks is necessary
  • During the process of filming, the Assistant Director may call out and give specific orders as to the timings of the shots and when to start or stop; whilst he/she calls out a clapper is used to synchronise the sound thus enabling them to start shooting
  • At the end of the shooting in that given day, the Director returns to the office and analyses the results
Post Production:
  • This is the process whereby the video is gathered and collected by the Film Editor and adapted to suit the needs given by the Director
  • Everything from the music to dialogue and sound effects are edited at this point making sure there are no faults or issues with the film
  • After any computer graphic effects are put in digitally, the sound components are established into "Stems" before the film is finally finished

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