Thursday, 28 November 2013

Inspirations for my Film Introduction


The opening sequence of World War Z is very useful when wanting to recreate a 2 minute introduction, within a similar genre, because its helps establish key conventions and components of the film, which not only develop the story, but are also enticing the audience to watch. Through high pitched disorientated sounds, and some uncomfortable images (similar to the one shown of the dead Dolphins) these help to depict the illustration of an inevitable bad event (almost the beginning of a climax), whereby it seems to get progressively worse from everyday natural pictures of people, to a more unsettling interpretation of death and unhappiness. However, it is not only the narrative that is structured and well presented, but also the segments of editing that help to draw in a viewer. I find that the effects used of the gradual reveal of letters help to almost split up parts of the introduction, as if like a story and eventually by the end, bring it together into one, which helps present an idea of disequilibrium (unbalance, where an issue is raised) from the start of the film, eventually leading back into equilibrium and restoring or resolving the problem by the final scene. In my perception, this will help towards the production of my intro because of the similarity in genres, which both have many conventions but at the same time aim to retain an audience, thus proving that the quality of the film must be equal/related to that of World War Z in order to provide a certain attraction and also emphasises the need/use of certain editing and cinematography techniques.

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