Thursday, 24 October 2013

Film Opening: Part 2

Dredd (2012)


The opening of the film depicts an old movie countdown, relative to the 50s, which could possibly refer to the previous film, "Judge Dredd" therefore massing a larger audience due to it being pre sold through the old film, and other distributed merchandise e.g. comics. After this point, bold, red text is displayed on a black background, which can easily be seen (stands out) thus connoting the companies' importance in the development of the film, and immediately makes its self present. There is also a non diegetic voice over shots of a wasteland which adds to the narration of the story, as it progresses, enabling the audience to understand further without any confusion. As previously mentioned, the images illustrated of this "wasteland" are that of detail and relevance to what the character is saying, before zooming on the deserted city is used. In addition, there is a wide shot depicted at the beginning again to reinforce the storyline and create tension as the camera slowly reveals more. subsequently, a space ship is seen to fly past one of the tall, superior buildings, adding a touch of sci-fi and so creating a sense that this film is going to be action based /futuristic. There is also cross cutting used between scenes after shots of the assumed main character gets "suited up" are seen which adds mystery and an impression that he has authority over others due to his items of clothing and sturdy weapon. Before the title itself Is shown, a pan of the setting is used to afresh the image of the city and a tall, distinguished building proceeding to exert further tension upon the audience. The final strength of this opening is the attractive, resolute but sudden title, which has a 3d effect and make itself well known to the audience; a dramatic start to the film.


The first immediate impression of this film, isn't what is expected due to the image of an old movie countdown, which doesn't really set the tone, instead of jumping straight into titles. Due to this people may be put off the film, and rather think of it as tedious. The opening titles however seem to sway away from  the action genre, alternately it seems more of a horror convention to have these bold red titles against a matt black background, thus confusing the audience and maybe leading them onto to something different; a false impression. The first image of the film, is more colourless and boring, preferably not enticing the audience but instead veering them away. The shot of the distant city isn't really clear enough; the landscape seems too distant even when it is zoomed in. Furthermore, the voice speaking in monotone in the background is that which is monotonous, emotionless and almost drone like (robotic,) however the worst feature is that there is no mention of the character as to who he is, or what he does; rather the assumed aspect of his role in the film.

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